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Expert Interior Designs and Decorating in Port Aransas and North Padre, TX

Besides being known for our high-end selection of coastal-inspired furniture and home furnishings, My Coastal Home Furniture Store also has expert interior designers on staff. Many homeowners, home builders, and real estate agents in the Port Aransas and North Padre, TX area rely on our interior decorating services to help them stage homes because they know we deliver the goods. We have two showrooms in Port Aransas and North Padre, TX to make scheduling an interior design and decorating appointment convenient. From bedroom and dining sets to sofas, artwork, patio furniture, and accessories, we can help you transform your cluttered home into one of tranquility from the inside out. We’ll show you how to get that designer home feel without paying that hefty designer price tag! We also carry mattresses, frames, sheets, mattress protectors, and pillows. All sizes in stock are ready for pick up or delivery.

Coastal Interior Design And Decorating in North Padre and Port Aransas, TX

What Are Common Characteristics of Coastal Design Elements?

Are you wondering what constitutes coastal interior design? Most homeowners looking for coastal-inspired home furnishings have a unique love for the ocean and coastal living. Coastal design is all about embracing maritime elements and colors, along with weathered furniture, natural lighting, and materials such as jute or wood, and wide, open spaces. Popular color choices include ocean blues, seafoam greens, driftwood greys, sandy browns, creamy whites, and the occasional splash of eye-catching reds. It’s not necessarily about having a beachy theme. Many prefer to create a rugged, nautical look using anchors, coral or striped patterns, one-of-a-kind driftwood pieces, wicker furniture, sheer curtains, or another similar décor to evoke feelings of being on the water or in a vacation home. In a word, the coastal-inspired design is really all about relaxation.

Interested in Creating Your Own Retreat by the Sea? Call Us!

Are you feeling inspired to redecorate your Port Aransas and North Padre, TX home into your own comfy retreat by the sea? Contact My Coastal Home Furniture Store to schedule an appointment for our interior design and decorating services. We’d be happy to help you coordinate the perfect colors and home furnishings to make your space feel light and breezy, while also capturing an undeniable elegance!

Need Design Inspiration?
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