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Weather Port Aransas and North Padre, TX Coastal Climate

Our coastal environment in Port Aransas and North Padre, TX is tough on patio furniture. That’s why My Coastal Home Furniture Store makes careful choices about the patio furniture featured in our inventory.

• Largest IN STOCK collection of patio furniture
• Best for comfort, warranty, materials, weight, and the plethora of color and style options for our
• Top-quality patio furniture to create unique, functional outdoor spaces

Coastal Patio Furniture in North Padre and Port Aransas, TX

What to Consider When Selecting Outdoor Patio Furniture

When selecting patio furniture in the Port Aransas and North Padre, TX area, you want pieces capable of withstanding high winds, massive amounts of rain, and even humidity. Coastal patio furniture materials should be resistant to both sunlight exposure and moisture. It’s also essential to select comfortable patio furniture since much of your time outdoors will be spent relaxing. Luckily for you, the majority of the Seaside Casual Furniture collection is made from Envirowood, a revolutionary all-weather marine-grade product that’s resistant to warping, fading, and splinting. Not only is patio furniture made from Envirowood sturdy and weather-resistant, but it also won’t give off any toxic fumes that are harmful to the environment. The materials can be recycled, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for many Port Aransas and North Padre area homeowners.

Browse Colorful Patio Furniture & Accents in Our Showrooms

Whether you’re browsing colorful Adirondack chairs, tables, patio furniture cushions, and pillows, or outdoor planters, My Coastal Home Furniture Store in Port Aransas and North Padre, TX has plenty to offer. Stop by one of our two showrooms or contact us today to discuss our in-stock items, customization options, pricing, and more. We’re confident we have something in our patio inventory to suit any preference or budget!

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